Did You Know About Effective Yet Simple Ways To Clean Your Washing Machine

Washing clothes is one of the daily chores and perhaps this is the reason that it can get difficult if the washing machine stops working or is malfunctioning. Whether you have a top loading or front loading washing machine, a fully automatic one or a semi-automatic one, it can need a repair anytime, so it is important that you are aware of some DIY methods to clean the machine and avoid any repairs. Check out some easy and simple ways to clean your washing machine.
White Vinegar Method: The easiest and simple ways to clean your washing machine is by use od the white vinegar method. For this, all you need to do is fill your washing machine and then pour about 2 cups of white vinegar and allow it to set for an hour. After this, just start your washing machine and run a complete cycle to see it shinning at the end of the cycle after proper vinegar cleaning.
Bleach Method: In case you don’t have white vinegar handy at home, then try the same method as mentioned above using chlorine bleach. Instead of using 2 cups of vinegar just pour 2 cups of bleach after filling your washing machine with water and allow it to soak for an hour. After this just run a normal complete cycle to see your machine all cleaned once the cycle gets over.
Baking Soda: In case, you are noticing some deep discoloring and stains in your washing machine tub that are getting tough to rub and remove, then try the tried and tested way of using baking soda. Just follow the same steps as told in the vinegar and bleach method but make sure not to add clothes while running the cycle to clean the washing machine.

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Automatic Tub Clean: In most of the latest washing machines, especially fully automatic ones, you get an option for automatic tub clean. You are just advised to run it once a month to clean your washing machine without any efforts. All you may need to get the tub cleaned automatically is to pour either vinegar or normal detergent powder to help shine your machine like a brand new one.
Use a Toothbrush: For all those who still think that none of the above cleaning methods will do any good in cleaning their washing machines, there are other simple ways to clean your washing machine. Use an old toothbrush and clean it by hand. Just use a detergent powder or cleaning powder and rub the tub and outer body of the machine using an old toothbrush to make it shine like new. Obviously this is a method that needs some efforts but the result will speak in its own when you will see your machine stain free and clean. You may use lemon juice too while cleaning in order to remove some strange smells from your washing machine.